Our New Print On Demand Homegoods Site

We are very pleased to announce that you can now find printed homegoods from Local Summer Co. on the Society6 platform.  While our company is based around hand-silkscreened art pints on paper, we have gotten a lot of requests for other items.  Since we do not have the production means or volume to handle our own printables, we have joined the Society 6 platform to be able to offer additional printed Local Summer Co goods including phone cases, laptop cases and sleeves, shower curtains, beach towels, hand towels, bedding, pillows, clocks, mugs, rugs, leggings and much more.  While it's hard to put faith in another company to handle our artwork, as previous buyers of works on Society 6, we feel great about the quality of the itmes and the prints they offer and are psyched to give you the chance to buy some for your home.  Click on the image below to check out our page and see what we currently have to offer you. 

I Got A New Shirt for School Yesterday, and My Mom Said I Look Real Handsome In It


We've got the first batch of Local Summer Co. promo items out for retail.  We've teamed up with our friends at Press 10 Printing in Pitman, NJ to print up some wearables for sale.  

These shirts are ultra soft Next Level Brand crews. Adult sized white tshirts with a black full front imprint featuring the Local Summer Co skull logo. Our wearable items were originally made for just family and friends, but, we've gotten so many compliments that we're inviting you to join the crew.

Each shirt is $15 with a $5 shipping charge (per order)

Forgotten Boardwalk, 1.30.2017


We just wanted to give a huge thanks to our friends and neighbors at Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing in Cherry Hill, New Jersey for having us over to set up shop once again at one of their events.  We couldn't ask for a better Sunday than hanging with friends, selling some artwork and tasting some wonderful beers.  With our limited imovie skills we put together a little clip of the days events.  Thanks to everyone who purchased anything from any of us and who helped donate to the worthy cause.  See you next time!

Gabba Gabba Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone!  Now that the Holiday rush of packing orders, answering emails and making trips to the post office is over we are ready to start making again.  New design ideas have been compiled, a tour itinerary has been made of what events we want to do and work has begun to clean out and rebuild the studio so we can bring silkscreening in-house again.  I want to personally thank everyone that has bought something, helped me out, reposted, liked, criticisized, etc.  Whatever, it is all appreciated.  Below you can see our first two confirmed events for the year, come out and say hello.


Seagulls love french fries.  I love watching seagulls eat french fries.  What started out as an illustration of a seagull stealing french fries, like most of my work, quickly spiraled into something else.  The whole idea, the whole aesthetic of Local Summer, came from working on this print.  It's been almost two years in the making... one of those 'here and there' for ten or fifteen minutes at a time kind of drawings, then i found out people loved it.  So i kept going.

The illustration quickly went from one of my favorite things on the boardwalk to one of my favorites things from each boardwalk.  Every part of this image is something that contains a story for me, including the title.

Now that it is done i hope you can look at it and enjoy it.  I hope that you can remember your own stories from the places and things contained within.  It is available in my shop as a 4-color silkscreened print on French Paper Co's Speckletone Kraft 100# line and limited to only 50 signed and numbered copies.  The paper is heavy and the colors are vivid.  When you see it in person you can almost taste the custard.