We proudly live and work in Cherry Hill, NEW JERSEY



"We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer's wreckage. we will welcome summer's ghost." -Henry rollins. If you look it up you will not find much.  Urban Dictionary says "the last month of summer after tourists leave the jersey shore" which is a good start.  Local Summer is as much an ideology as it is a time-frame though.  Growing up along the Jersey Shore meant a few very important things to me.  First and foremost it meant that before Memorial Day and after Labor day were the best times to surf.  It meant that it was the best chance to go to some of our favorite restaurants and places.  It meant that the weather was changing, that romance was about to be in the air, that driving could only be done with the windows down and 106.3 WHTG had to be blasting as loud as possible, but, above all, it meant that a certain energy was flowing.  Local Summer was about capturing moments.  That is exactly what this brand is about.  We're not here to capitalize on our state, we're here because we live it, we love it and we know it.  While this state, for the 5th year in a row, has the highest percentage of people leaving- our feet and hearts are planted firmly.  We are here to celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of this place.  We're here to give you a piece of our favorite things to hang on your wall, or help you make your own brand, businesses or band a part of it all. 



Our design services include graphic design and illustration for branding, merchandise, event posters, printed materials, 3d rendering, signage & much more for digital, silkscreen, offset, letterpress and many more mediums. we have in-house silkscreen printing, though we do not offer client printing at this time. all of our print designs in the shop are available for wholesale in your store or for licensing to create your own merchandise.



Forgotten BOARDWALK BREWERY, Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, Bravado/ Harley Davidson, Shear Revival, Art All Night Trenton, The Levoy Theatre, PANIC STATE RECORDS, THE STARLAND BALLROOM, HELL MINDED RECORDS, BETTER FILMS & GARDENS, CALLIN' THE SHOTS PODCAST, LILY SZABO PHOTOGRAPHY, and many more...


this is us

hey! my name is christopher lands. i have 20 years in the design industry and work professionally as a point-of-purchase display designer. local summer co. is my outlet to keep working with friends, bands and small businesses. i’ve lived in new jersey my entire life and enjoy surfing, skating, silkscreen printing, local craft beer, writing and performing music and cats. all the cats. this is not just a one-man show- many times you will see my daughter or wife at live shows with me, helping me print or that all-important job of running to the post office. we started at the shore, but, have made our home in cherry hill, nj. we miss the beach, but, have fallen in love with all that this part Of the state has to offer.



Never have I met someone who sees so eye to eye and beyond with what I am looking to create. The vision just always matches. And exceeds. Great turnaround, constant professionalism, and an endless well of creativity. Half of the projects I involve myself with would not be where they are without Local Summer Co. Straight to the point, they’re the best.
Working with Local Summer has made branding my business truly a breeze. Chris is an excellent communicator who makes sure he fully gets the vision you have for your company before beginning his work and then turns that vision into a professional, creative and visually appealing reality. When I was concerned about my branding being disjointed in the past due to different colors, fonts, etc. he was able to build me a full Brand Guide that I’ve turned to countless times when building my website and just from that he’s made me a customer for life.
As the owner of an event management company based in Central NJ, we’re always looking for creative thinkers and high-functioning designers to help us take our creative branding projects from conceptualization through completion. This isn’t something we trust with just anyone yet Chris has been our go-to guy for several of our most successful events over the past four years. From developing high quality branding pieces such as posters, logos and direct mail to tshirt designs, billboards and banners, Chris has taken our vision and expanded upon that to consistently create top level designs that aid our brand and drive traffic to our events. Designers are a dime a dozen in 2018. People like Chris who take the time to know their clients and consistently develop top notch work are not. This is why I can’t recommend his services enough.
Local Summer is an extremely creative and talented design studio. One that I have relied on for more than ten years. I trust Local Summer with every one of my projects because they understand the time and attention needed to complete the job at the highest quality possible. Chris and his team are amazing graphic designers who really listen and take the time to help get ideas off the ground.