Artworks Trenton Donations Update

 I hate to say this, but, in the best way possible this got way over my head. I have a lot of ambition and a huge heart, but, as most of you know, Local Summer is just a side project. I wish i had more time to work on this and more resources. Everyone that purchased something should have gotten an email from @artworkstrenton Everything was donated in your names, not mine. We’re working on your orders and will notify you as they get shipped. We want to thank everyone so much, but, we also hope that this doesnt deter people from donating. I dont have a lot of money, but, i used my resource of Local Summer to generate something and im very proud of it. Im going to dig myself out from this mailorder and regroup with something special for another phase of donations. Please stay tuned!



Local Summer Co. is officially 2 years old.

Two years ago today, on a particularly dreadful ride up the New Jersey Turnpike, i sat, motionless, in my car thinking about anything else in the world i would rather be doing.  It was just a couple of weeks since the Trenton punk Rock Flea Market where i had debuted a few New Jersey themed prints into my store.  They did well.  They did really well.  In Fact, they blew the gigposters and art prints i had out of the water.  I spent well over ten years building up Surrender.  I went thru a lot of hot and cold spells.  I didn't want to give up the rock and roll artwork, but, i got a new sense of 'self' at that flea market.  People were psyched to have a more accessible type of print to hang in their homes, vacation homes, dorm rooms, etc.

I thought that if i was going to make a change that i needed to do it the right way and brand it.  not only did i want to make more specific local art, but, i wanted it to feel right and be something that people in New Jersey know well.  Thanks to the beauty of the iphone i had managed to secure a domain and all social media accounts for the first phrase i thought of when i thought of home- Local Summer.

We love New Jersey.  We love the shore, we love the mountains, we love the rivers, we love the sleepy seaside towns, we love the hustle and bustle of the big cities, we love everything.  But, what we love the most, well, it's that little bit of time right before Memorial Day and right after Labor Day.  That little bit of time when the Sun is still out, the beach is empty, there's plenty of parking and it just feels like we have our whole world to ourselves.  That's the sense i wanted to convey in this company and in this work- this is a thing for ourselves.  We can take it wherever we call home.  And each piece is special for each individual person.  Each person can pull their own feelings, their own thoughts, their own memories and their own longing of New Jersey.

Thank you to all of our family, friends, collaborators and to every person that has ever bought something from us or paid us to make them something.  Every little bit goes back into Local Summer Co and helps us put out more work.  We are 2 years in and we are very close to having our own in-house printmaking studio back up and running.  Its been about 5 years since we have had this.  Our own studio will once again allow us to not only put a lot more work out and with different types of offerings, but, also allow us to start doing print work again and put us back on the path of its true intended use of being a place for teaching and learning.

To help us get to where we need to be, we're having a big sale.  Everything in our poster shop has been marked down to $20 and is currently 4 Prints for $50.  Thats like getting 1.5 Prints free.  That's even better than we offer in our live shows.  If you purchase more than 4 prints than yor entire order will just have a rolling 38% taken off of it.  We do not have an end time for this sale, we're just going to see how it goes.  We urge you to move quickly though.  It not only helps us out a bit more but some prints are very close to sold-out. 

"You Should Put That On A Shirt." Well, we did...

If you haven't yet heard or noticed- we are absolutely thrilled to tell you and announce that you can now wear Local Summer Co designs.  We were selected to be part of the Merch By Amazon program to be able to produce tee shirts featuring your favorite Local Summer Co. designs.  What is it?  Here's the short and sweet- a curated selection of our designs are able to be purchased through which means that all of the benefits of Amazon including your Prime membership, credit cards, gift cards, etc are all in full effect.  Once you select your design, shirt style, color and size- your order is placed with Amazon (just like anything else you would order from them) and they DTG print the designs on the shirt.  DTG is a digital printing technique- while it does not replace silkscreened garments, it offers us a way to sell you something that benefits us both.  It benefits you because you're ordering from Amazon (duh!) and it benefits us because everything is done on demand.  They take your order, print your shirts and then ship your order right to your doorstep.  

Local Summer Co Tshirts on Amazon.jpg

DTG printing may be new to some of you, but, having worked in the industry for so long we have a lot of experience and can assure you, these prints look great.  In fact, the first time we got our hands on a sample we couldn't believe how crisp and vivd the colors were, DTG printing has really taken off.  

Did we mention the actual shirts?  We worked out a deal to make a much smaller cut on the merchandise in order to provide you the most high quality, best fitting, soft and durable shirts we could.  All orders of our product on Amazon are printed on Bella Canvas tees.  These are stylish, the cuts are great and they stand up to constant washing, because we know you're going to want to wear these every day.

You can start shopping by hitting our T-SHIRT STORE tab right here on our site.  From there it'll take you right into the Amazon mothership to get your order going.  Enjoy, we plan on making a lot more.  And, hey!, if its not too much to ask, tag us in some pics of you rocking your new shirts, eh?

Happy New year, Let's Build Something Together...

Ive decided to open back up again for paid freelance projects. I am skilled and experienced in packaging design, poster design, media layout, logo/ identity, business card, postcard, illustration, POP, custom commissioned one-off works and much more. Paid projects only- and the more interesting the better. Get in touch through my website or email: Ps- email inquiries only, i cannot respond to DMs or Facebook messages.