Seagulls love french fries.  I love watching seagulls eat french fries.  What started out as an illustration of a seagull stealing french fries, like most of my work, quickly spiraled into something else.  The whole idea, the whole aesthetic of Local Summer, came from working on this print.  It's been almost two years in the making... one of those 'here and there' for ten or fifteen minutes at a time kind of drawings, then i found out people loved it.  So i kept going.

The illustration quickly went from one of my favorite things on the boardwalk to one of my favorites things from each boardwalk.  Every part of this image is something that contains a story for me, including the title.

Now that it is done i hope you can look at it and enjoy it.  I hope that you can remember your own stories from the places and things contained within.  It is available in my shop as a 4-color silkscreened print on French Paper Co's Speckletone Kraft 100# line and limited to only 50 signed and numbered copies.  The paper is heavy and the colors are vivid.  When you see it in person you can almost taste the custard.