I Think the World of You


In another life i used to travel a lot selling my silkscreened concert posters at various festivals across the country. I always loved visiting Seattle, a bit too many hills for my taste, but, the people were always great and i always enjoyed the more "indie" vibe of the city. I had a heartbreaking experience there, though, in the Queen Anne neighborhood. Allow me to break down what happened. Me, the weary and hungry traveler happens upon a local pizza joint. "Can i get two slices". "Two slices of what? We sell pizza." Im already stunned, then came the kill shot. "Okay can i just get a small pie?" "Yeah, what on it?" "Plain." "Plain what? You just want dough?" Well Seattle, you broke my heart that day. All of the sudden a whole new world of savagery came upon me... How can anyone not know what a slice pie is? "Do people really not just eat pizza without covering it in garbage? Well, this is my breakup letter to the west coast and a tribute to a food that just feels like home- the good old tri-state style slice pie. 2-colors silkscreened on French Paper Madero Beach, a signed and numbered edition of 50- "i think the world of you is available in the new shop at localsummerco.com