Summertime Is A Gorgeous Lie

Summertime Is A Gorgeous Lie


This print was about two years in the making- it started as a drawing of a seagull eating a french fry and evolved into another tribute of some of my favorite things to be found on the Jersey Shore. The seagull, the skeeball tickets, the Palace bumper car, the carousel, the custard and the tr-tr-tr-tram car. Ive spent a ton of time on this and I couldn’t love it more- I hope you do too. I have to give a huge thank you to my bud Cody from @studiohousedesigns for working so closely on this to get some tiny dots, super tight registration and just beautiful color.

4-Color screenprinted poster on French Speckletone Kraft cover stock.  The print measures 24x18 and is a signed and numbered edition of 50.   DIY Hand-Printed by our partners at at Studiohouse Design in Philadelphia in the Fall of 2016.

***This print does not come frame or matted- You gotta handle that one on your own, buds.***

Printing is not perfect, neither am i. Hand Printed DIY prints do not look they came from a computer- thats whats so great about them. While we certainly will not sell anything thats not up to our standards, not every print may be exactly alike. Embrace the imperfections- thats where the beauty of the process lies.

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