The Ghosts On The Boardwalk Will Keep You Company

The Ghosts On The Boardwalk Will Keep You Company


Remember that big old hurricane that decided to play a Halloween trick and come in and ruin our shore? Yeah, the one. Well, this is what i did when the lights were out inbetween helping people dig their homes out and having anxiety attacks.

2-Color screenprinted poster on heavy natural colored cover stock.  The print measures 18x24 and is a signed and numbered edition of 50 .  Hand-Printed by the Half&Half. 2013.  

***This print does not come frame or matted- You gotta handle that one on your own, buds.***

Printing is not perfect, neither am i. Hand Printed DIY prints do not look they came from a computer- thats whats so great about them. While we certainly will not sell anything thats not up to our standards, not every print may be exactly alike. Embrace the imperfections- thats where the beauty of the process lies.

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