When I've Got the Music, I've Got A Place to Go

When I've Got the Music, I've Got A Place to Go


To the traveler, the tourist, the wayfarer, the backpacker, the globetrotter, the drifter, the passenger and the commuter- this ones for you. We're people. We come and go. We travel great distances everyday to go to work, to school or to go on a journey. While this can be quite isolating, we're never alone. While we can feel lost, we're still moving. We find 'our way' in many different things. Some of us find it in direction, some in a schedule, some in a companion, but, most of us find it in music. Take from this scene what you will, but, dont forget- without sound can this routine and world only feel lonely.

2-Color screenprinted poster on French Speckletone Cream cover stock. The print measures 19x12.5 and is a signed and numbered edition of 50. DIY Hand-Printed by our partners at Studiohouse Design in Philadelphia in the Winter of 2017.

***This print does not come frame or matted- You gotta handle that one on your own, buds.***

Printing is not perfect, neither am i. Hand Printed DIY prints do not look they came from a computer- thats whats so great about them. While we certainly will not sell anything thats not up to our standards, not every print may be exactly alike. Embrace the imperfections- thats where the beauty of the process lies.


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