If you look it up you will not find much.  Urban Dictionary says "the last month of summer after tourists leave the jersey shore" which is a good start.  Local Summer is as much an ideology as it is a time-frame though.  Growing up along the Jersey Shore t meant a few very important things to me.  First and foremost it meant that before Memorial Day and after Labor day were the best times to surf.  It meant that it was the best chance to go to some of our favorite restaurants and places.  It meant that the weather was changing, that romance was about to be in the air, that driving could only be done with the windows down and 106.3 WHTG had to be blasting as loud as possible, but, above all, it meant that a certain energy was flowing.  Local Summer was about capturing moments.  That is exactly what this brand is about.  We're not here to capitalize on our state, we're here because we live it, we love it and we know it.  While this state, for the 5th year in a row, has the highest percentage of people leaving- our feet and hearts are planted firmly in the soil of the Garden State.  We are here to celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of this place.  We're here to give you a piece of our favorite things to hang on your wall, or give as a gift to remember your own moment.  Whether its a place, a story or an event- if it has to do with the Garden State than our plan is to immortalize it and share it with you. 


While Local Summer Co. is a relatively new venture, we have been designing professionally for over 18 years now.  While the 'day job' has brought forth work from Fortune 500 Companies including electronics and pharma giants, we have been moonlighting for just as long for all manor of local and national companies, bands, brands, charities, etc.  The design process tends to vary, but, our usual go to is to brainstorm ideas, do pencil sketches, scan in and digitally ink or redraw using a computer drawing tablet, add color, detail and type in Illustrator, color separate the work in Adobe Photoshop and then get ready for output to printing.



All of our art prints are hand-silkscreened onto archival cover stock from the French Paper Company in Michigan.  Aside from our love of the quality of the paper, Fench fits into our lifestyle by using 100% renewable electricity generated by French’s own green hydroelectric plant (saving over one million barrels of fossil fuels to date).  We currently utilize close friends and fellow artists to handle our printing as well as our own basement printing studio.  The beauty of the hand-silkscreened print lies in the process.  DIY ingenuity and on-the-fly thinking make for a much more organic product- something a machine could never do. 



The bones of Local Summer Co lies in our retail sales of our silkscreened prints.  Whether you see us live at an event or order something online you are buying from the same place- the same person you meet in our booth at an event is going to be the same person that hand-packs an order you place online.  And about those online orders-  we pack all prints with care:  Each print is placed into a plastic sleeve and then hand-rolled with kraft paper into a heavy duty cardboard tube.  We generally ship a few times a week and will send you tracking information once your order is out.


By the way, my name is Christopher Lands, i run this place.  I grew up along the Jersey Shore, but, moved to Cherry Hill in December of 2015.  I am a designer by profession, a dad, a husband, a cat person, a music lover, a vegan, and a homeowner, which also makes me an amateur plumber, carpenter, electrician, and just about everything else.  I work, a lot, but, I enjoy going on bike rides with my family, visiting the off-the-beaten-path gems of NJ, attending music performances and tending to our family Cherry Tree.  Seriously, though, i love that Cherry Tree.  Nice to meet you.